Keith Keller


Ms. Ateli approached us after she evicted a tenant from her 3-bedroom apartment in Victoria Island, Lagos. The exiting tenant made a big mess and she wanted us to do a total home renovation on a budget.

Our Challenge

The client wanted a total overhaul of the flat. Ceiling, floor and wall finish. Electrical and plumbing fittings installed. A new set of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and doors. All of these to be done within ten working days and on a very slim budget. The design team had to figure out a way to best utilise time and resources.

Our Solution

All hands had to be on deck. We were time bound and we could not afford to drop the quality of our work. We had to create a very detailed work plan, work schedule that will allow us combine so many aspects into a simultaneous work flow. Real struggle but we got it over the line.

The Finish line

The renovation of this apartment cleverly uses different finishing and materials to help define spaces. Using multiple elements, such as tile, pop, high density fiber plywood and infusing patterns with a local context help create unique, inviting apartment ready for the next occupant.


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