De Cathedral & Associates

Keith Keller

Lagos | 240 sqm. | INTERIOR DESIGN

De Cathedral & Associates  is a full fledge commercial law firm with offices in Lagos and London. Their briefs range from litigation/arbitration, maritime, intellectual property etc. The Senior Partner called us when an unfortunate fire razed their office in Lagos. It was a complete damage as the firefighters came a bit too late. They wanted us to do a complete renovation of the existing facility but introduce executive offices, meeting room, reception and additional office spaces to accommodate their growing staff strength.

What was the biggest challenge?

The goal of our client was to rebuild the burnt down office. To redesign without deviating too far from the existing plan. The challenge faced by our design team was to fully understand the extent of the damage caused by the fire especially with the mechanical and electrical. Also, the damage to the surfaces created a lot of problems when we got to the finishing stage.

The Solution

Due to the limitation of budget, scrapping the whole building wasn’t an option. We had to do a careful sorting of what can be salvaged from the debris and what we had  to discard. We had to integrate a modern glass design into an existing plan. As part of the design, the space features interconnecting doors to private offices. These make room for expansion with the option of getting dedicated wings for added privacy, while still sharing the common areas.

What makes this Project Unique?

What makes this property uniquely collaborative is the three-floor plan that  connects the facility. The first and second floor is built to offer extended services, including a virtual office with amenities made available to the community.



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